Wordy Things for Grown Ups!

My kids love books (probably because I do, too). So, I’ve rounded up some wordy items for grown up literature lovers to swoon over! (contains affiliate links)
wordy gifts
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Goodnight, Darth Vader By Jeffrey Brown

Super nerds like our family require our padawans ample time to develop their love of the franchise as early as possible. For Goober this means that one for the first 3 books we read to him in the hospital while he was recovering from his first surgery was Goodnight, Darth Vader by Jeffrey Brown. Now he’s old enough to interact with the book, so below are his opinions (as interpreted by BookwyrmMama).
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Do Pirates Take Baths By: Kathy Tucker

Today was a themed day in the Bookwyrm Family! We went to Wildwood and took a Pirate Cruise with Dark Star Pirate Cruises! It was a great experience, and we highly recommend it! To go with our Pirate Cruise, we read “Do Pirates Take Baths” by Kathy Tucker. See what Goober and Mama though of it!
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