Goodnight, Darth Vader By Jeffrey Brown

Super nerds like our family require our padawans ample time to develop their love of the franchise as early as possible. For Goober this means that one for the first 3 books we read to him in the hospital while he was recovering from his first surgery was Goodnight, Darth Vader by Jeffrey Brown. Now he’s old enough to interact with the book, so below are his opinions (as interpreted by BookwyrmMama).
Goober says:
This book is looooonnngggggg sometimes, I get bored when mama reads it, but I like the Kashyyyk page because mama tries her best to make a wookie noise (she’s not very good, but it’s still a super funny noise anyway) She also sings the cantina band song during the cantina page, and I dance to it. This is a fun book! Not for sleeping at all!
7/10 This is a SUPER fun book, but the title is silly. It’s not for sleeping! It’s for scooting along the floor and laughing at!

Mama says:
I absolutely LOVE this book. It’s not some surface fan book, but has many references to characters I love, from original trilogy to Rebels. It’s a bit long, but the rhymes are adorable, and consistently brilliant. This is PERFECT for Star Wars geeks and their younglings!
9/10 Would read over and over again, and even subject my babies to awful Wookie impersonations.

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Goodnight, Darth Vader

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