That’s Not My Lion By: Fiona Watt

One of the ever so popular “That’s Not My…” books from Usborne, this is a touchy-feely book that many kids enjoy. Let’s see how Goober felt when he read this book!
Goober Says:
This book is SO GREAT! I love to make lion noises whenever mama says “That’s not my lion!” (raawwwr!) And I always make her stop turning the page so I can feel the touchy parts! (My favorite is to give kisses to the Lion with the soft ears, and I like to lick the lion’s shiny teeth, too! Mama gets panicky when I stick my mouth on the book, then she wipes it with a wipey) I don’t even get whiny during this book, and I help mama turn the pages when I’m done touching the different lions!
11/10 The lion tastes very fuzzy

Mama Says:
This book is short, fun, and I can definitely see why it’s so popular! I like to put emphasis on the different words in the repetitive “That’s not my…” sentence (“THAT’S not my lion…” “That’s not MY lion!” etc). I do get a panic attack whenever Goober licks the pages, probably because he’s immune compromised, and we just got out of the hospital for a virus.  I really like the different textures they have, even though “fur” and “more fur” is boring. Goober doesn’t care, so I don’t.
10/10 I can’t not like this book. It makes Goober belly laugh.

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