Cool Things For Your Kid’s Reading Nook!

Creating a designated space for reading is not only important in fostering a great reading relationship, but it’s ALSO fun, and helps stretch your creative muscles. Below, you’ll find a list of the absolute basic things you need for a child’s reading nook, PLUS some great products to grab for them!

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Easing Into Reading For FUN!

Guppy wasn’t always such an avid reader. She used to HATE reading! At one point, my own mama (Affectionately dubbed “Rachel’s Mom” by Guppy…as in “Rachel, Guess what I did at Rachel’s Mom’s house this weekend!”) told me “You need to get her to love reading as much as you did.” When I asked her how she fostered that love of reading in me she said “I don’t know. Just read to her, I guess.”
Long story short “Just read to her” did not work all by itself. But here are some ideas that did for your own reluctant readers.

Reluctant Readers
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The Shadow & The Star by: Kathrin Honesta & Ong Kay Jen

This is the first book review we’ve done for a book we were sent! We received a digital copy of this lovely story, and absolutely can’t wait to share with you the story of “The Shadow and the Star” by:┬áKathrin Honesta & Ong Kay Jen
BONUS: You get a Guppy Rating!
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