Licorice Lane- Tales From Harley By: Lindsey Dempsey

What happens when a rescue dog named Harley and his human friend play pretend? They go to wonderful places like a whole Candy Kingdom! As members of the Candy Crusade, Harley and his friend go on a quest to help the royals of the kingdom (and collect some gumdrops along the way!) Check out what Goober has to say about Licorice Lane: Tales From Harvey after the jump!
Goober Says:
Mama sat me down at the computer, which meant that we were going to read another story! This one had a PUP in it! Harley is a pup, and he imagines he goes to a candy kingdom with his human friend! I loved the bright colors, and all of the pictures of Harley. I also loved the rhymes and sing-song way Mama read it to me!
7/10- Mama gave me a chocolate chip cookie to eat with this book (because it was on the computer) but I bet this book would taste like candy!

Mama says:
Any book that encourages kids to use their imaginations is a good book to me, and Licorice Lane does NOT disappoint! The great thing about the book is that it’s simple and shows kids a new great way to imagine themselves! Super Heroes of a Candy Kingdom? It’s a new twist on a perpetually fun play scenario, and I’m sure kids will love it. Dog lovers will be OBSESSED with Harley, the main character, who is based off of the author’s rescue dog. It’s an adorable rhyme scheme, and the illustrations are entertaining and whimsical.
8/10 I’m sure we’ll be reading about Harley again and again!


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