Book Craft: Page Magnets

While we enjoy relaxing days and cuddly mornings, my family is more of a get up and do something type of crowd. This craft is perfect for those “move a lot” days because it’s quick, easy, and useful! Feel free to be creative if you don’t want to destroy a book for the sake of art! Use a yard sale or dollar store find, print some images off the computer, or do what I did and get weird! After Valentine’s Day, I bought a few boxes of valentines in all different themes, just in case we wanted to use the stickers, or cards for craft time. That sure came in handy today! Instead of destroying our only copy of Cat in the Hat, I used one of the Valentine’s Day cards, and a couple of the stickers to achieve the same effect!

(This post contains affiliate links, but the journey is the most important part, so feel free to substitute what works best for you!)

book page magnet.jpg

What You’ll Need:

Glue (the tackier the better! I used E600 Jewelry Adhesive, but super glue and hot glue have been known to work just as well!)
Transparent Gems
Magnets (you can also do Pin Backs, instead!)
Pages from a book, stickers, or any other flat paper product!

What To Do:

Place a dot of glue on the flat side of your gem

Place the gem firmly on top of the image (or word) you’d like to emphasize, with the image up (it will be magnified by the gem). You can usually move the gem around a bit while the adhesive is still wet, but do a test on a page/sticker you don’t plan on using JUST to be sure!

Wait until glue is dry (depending on product, this may take up to an hour)

Cut (or CAREFULLY tear around the gem, so no excess paper is hanging off the side

Place a dot of glue on the least strong side of your magnet

Place the magnet firmly on the flat side of the gem.

Wait until glue is dry

You’re Done!


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