She Persisted By Chelsea Clinton

I live in a feminist household. It is a house where everyone can and does do everything, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, math, technology, no one has a single limitation in this family. Sometimes it’s difficult to raise independent and strong willed kids, but the benefits far out weigh the laundry, broken toys, bruises, and sass when we see our kids growing up to be kind, strong, and stalwart defenders of themselves, and those around them. It is for this reason that we picked up “She Persisted” by Chelsea Clinton last year, and why we still use it as a bed time story this year.

Goober Says:
This book is SO much fun to listen to. Sometimes Mama has Guppy read it to me, and that makes me happy because Guppy likes to tickle me during her favorite parts of the book. It’s a hard book, so I also like to hold it and open it like I’m reading. Mama makes sure I’m VERY careful with the pages, because they’re paper. This time, Mama gave me cucumbers to eat while we read the book, and they were yummy!

Goober’s Rating: 7/10 was not allowed to eat, but I liked saying hi to all the people in the book!


Mama Says:
I LOVE this book for my kids. Not only does Chelsea Clinton include traditional women role models (Like Harriet Tubman, Sally Ride, and Helen Keller) She also includes women who may not consistently be addressed by schools. We learn about Nellie Bly, Maria Tall Chief, Claudette Colvin, Ruby Bridges, and others. From TV personalities, to scientists, to athletes, “She Persisted” does a great job showing versatility in the future of girls in America.

Mama’s Rating: How could I give this anything but a 10/10?
The illustrations are gorgeous, the message is strong, and the story itself is captivating and inspiring perfect for kids of all genders, and dedicated to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, definitely pick this book up for all of the feminist kids in your life, so that when someone has the nerve to tell them “no” the will persist. (Also, sorry if that person is you, and the question was “Can I have candy for dinner?” raising the next generation is tough, and in those small battles, I salute you!)


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