The Best Bookends on Amazon

Now, I’m not usually one to spend extravagant amounts of money on decorative items, like book ends. That’s why I own barely any decorative items for my own home, and the things I do own that are decorative are either seasonal, or barely thematic. I’m working on it, really. I just hate having little tchachkis around to break and/or collect dust. That being said, I recently did an Amazon search to try to find some bookends to keep my bookshelves looking interesting and spiffy! So, here’s what I found for that purpose!


This post contains affiliate links! I make money if you buy something, but you still get an awesome product, so win-win!


Look at these ADORABLE vintage Sewing Machine bookends! Perfect for anyone with a shabby-chic aesthetic, or for a reader who loves to sew!


Geodes are super trendy, right now, and for the trendy reader, we have these Geode Bookends. Heavy, gorgeous, and colorful, these are the perfect way to incorporate geodes into your home!


Hey! I heard you like books! Whether you’re looking to beef up the look of your library, or you’re just not looking to detract from your collection, these book-bookends are PERFECT for keeping your favorites in order!


Whether you’re a karate fan, or just have a vested interest in things tongue and cheek and modern looking, these Kung-Fu Bookends could be your thing! Super cute, but still very sleek and stylish!


Looking for whimsical? Look no further than these awesome Elephant Bookends. Great for kids rooms, or eclectic style living spaces!


When the Very Hungry Caterpillar visits your shelf, you’ve got to be careful he’s not going to eat RIGHT through your collection! Check out these bookends featuring one of everyone’s favorite characters!


And finally, a SUPER way to show off your books, this magnetic “super gal” book end is equal parts practical and mystifying! I’d say it’s for the kids, but we all know a few adults who would love this!


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