I Am Me Written and Illustrated By Jennifer Francis

Unique: Being the only one of it’s kind. This is what Page 26 of I Am Me tells us. And this book definitely fits that description. An empowering, playful book about all the many things a young girl can be, see how Goober and Mama felt when they read “I Am Me” By Jennifer Francis

Goober and Dex love good books and full babas.

Goober Says:
This book is JUST my style. The words on the pages are short, and the pictures are big. I’m a big fan of turning pages, and I Am Me makes it easy for Mama to read everything before I turn them. The pictures are big and pretty. I like to point at them and go “ooo”. I also blew kisses to the little girl on the page.  This was a new book, so the cover tasted sour. That I did not appreciate.

8/10 Even though the taste was off, I liked listening to Mama read to me!


Mama Says:
I REALLY loved this book. Told simply and eloquently, the story is clear, “I can be anything I want to be”. I Am Me invites young girls to be kind, unique, smart, strong, beautiful, and many other things in a way that doesn’t feel preachy or patronizing. It’s a matter of fact look at what any little girl can be. The little girl of color who is the main focus of the book is adorable and drawn so well. The illustrations are captivating and perfectly portray the defined notions on each page.

10/10 This book is simple, beautifully illustrated, and necessary for all libraries. It’s definitely going to be one of our favorites.


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2 thoughts on “I Am Me Written and Illustrated By Jennifer Francis

  1. This is the greatest book. It is written well and the pictures are very colorful. I have give it to my great grand children and friends children

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