Feminist Baby by Loryn Brantz

Feminist Baby can do so many things! She can dance, choose what to wear, and not wear (and doesn’t care at all what you have to say about it!) What other awesome qualities does Feminist Baby have? Click Below to find out!


Disclaimer: I use Amazon Affiliate for my linking. If you’re intrigued by this book, and purchase it through my link, I make a commission! Regardless of whether you purchase through my link or not, my opinion on the book still stands. (Goober is fickle though, his may change tomorrow, but that still has nothing to do with your decision to purchase) 

Goober Says:
“Wow! Cool!” (No really, Goober talks and holds up a conversation with you, now! He’s like a tiny little people now! With opinions…so many opinions…) I LOVE seeing all the things Feminist Baby likes, and thinks and does, especially when she’s a baby rock star and plays with dolls AND cars like me! I love to turn the pages and say “baby…baby…”

Goober’s Rating:
9 out of 10- Tastes like cardboard, has Disney logo on it, but could not  find Minnie, Mickey or Pluto. Slightly disappointing.


Mama Says:
This book is adorable. It’s short, sweet, and unapologetic. Spoiler Alert: Feminist Baby is just a regular baby! She throws her toys, and picks out her own clothes, and follows her dreams, and is just unabashedly herself, and we LOVE that about her. Also, this book is A- a Disney Book (check out disneybooks.com) AND printed on paper created from a sustainable source. It’s a great way to introduce the idea of equality to young children, but primarily it’s an AWESOME gift for a pregnant or new-parent feminist.

4 out of 5 stars- It’s good, primarily for novelty purposes. It’s your standard “baby does this, baby does that” style book with simple rhymes and one sentence on each page (as it should be with board books).


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