My New Years Resolutions

What kind of blog would I be if I didn’t list out my New Years Resolutions for everyone? I don’t mean my personal goals (ahem, exercise more!) I do mean my book goals. This past year, I did a huge revamp of the blog, incorporating recipes, crafts, and product lists, and I think they are going very well. I also have a few reading and writing goals for 2019, and I’m VERY excited to share them with you!

My Resolutions:

  1. get on a consistent blogging schedule! Blog more! Write more posts!
  2. Read More. I can’t write reviews if I don’t read!
  3. Volunteer at a local library
  4. Do more bookish recipes and crafts.
  5. Write my books! I have a couple of books in my head, and one written, but not picked up by publishers. It’s a bit daunting, but I’d love to be a published children’s book author one day.
  6. Travel! Last year, I went to visit the Alice in Wonderland statue in central park, Disney and Universal, and and I’d love to do more literary/bookish adventures.
  7. Reach out and become a bookish product rep.

Well, those are my goals for the new year! What are yours?


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