Fun Sensory Bins to Go With Your Favorite Books!

It’s no secret that kids LOVE sensory play! While you have some extra time with your child(ren), you can read them book that goes along with some of their favorite sensory activities! here are some of my recommendations for literary sensory play!

Fun Sensory Bins to Go With Your Favorite Books!

Cooked Noodles
(Strega Nona-By: Tomi DePaola; Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs-By: Judi Barret)

Noodles are super fun sensory activities, and they provide a really great range in what to do with them! You can dig your hands around in them, you can cut them with safety scissors, you can use forks and spoons and tongs to manipulate them! Pair them with your favorite book about Spaghetti or Pasta for a fun afternoon!

Soapy Water
(Milo and Millie- By: Jedda Robaard; Bath Bath Bath by: Douglas Florian)

I found out quickly that all of the kids I know LOVE soapy water sensory tubs. We like to wash our animal toys or our little people, but I’ve had my class wash everything from potato head toys to legos! We use rags, toothbrushes, sponges, and more to explore the best ways to give our toys a bath, and reading a story about Bath Time id the perfect match to this activity!

Water Beads
(Monsters Love Colors- By: Mike Austin; Circles-By David A. Adler)

Water beads are a HIT with many young kids, from scooping to mashing there’s a lot of fun to be had with these sensory bin fillers! Read a book about colors or circles to get a lot out of these silly sensory tools!

(Pete at the Beach- By: James Dean; Llama Llama, Sand and Sun- By Anna Dewdney)

From sandboxes to sand tables, sand has played an integral part in sensory education for quite some time. Use beach toys OR unused kitchen items to measure, pour, scoop and bury the sand in your sensory table! Read a book about the beach to get in the best sandcastle mood!

(Compost Stew-By: Mary McKenna Siddals; Little Blue Truck- By: Alice Shertle)

What messy play is more iconic than Mud? Add a little dirt and water to the sensory bin and let your little ones go at it! They can use their hands, cups and spoons, hide toys, and anything else they can thing of! Read a book about dirt or mud to get in the messy spirit!

Shredded Paper
(In The Tall, Tall Grass-By: Denise Fleming; The Three Little Pigs- Traditional)

Whether you use a machine shredder or tear paper up by hand, you can have tons of fun with shredded paper! Find toys and other small items hidden in the bin after reading a story about grass, hay, or straw!


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