Round Up: Books About Dancing

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? I know I do! Here, you’ll find a list of books to do with dancing in all it’s forms! There ARE affiliate links, but my recommendations stand.

giraffes cant dance

Giraffes Can’t Dance
Is a wonderful book about a Giraffe who doesn’t dance the same way as the rest of the animals in the forest. Soon, Giraffe discovers that there’s more to dancing than impressing others.


Written by Misty Copeland, this is a a story about a young ballerina’s journey to the stage. It talks about being unsure of one’s self, and persevering in adversity.


Dancing in the Wings
Loosely based on the real life story of Debbie Allen, Sassy is a dancer who tries to impress a new director with her amazing skills. When her first attempts go not make the impression she wants, she learns to persevere.


Feel The Beat: Dance Poems That Zing, From Salsa To Swing
An awesome collection of poems that mimic the styles of the dances they’re based on.


Dance With Me
Two young kids dance, shake, and move through their town, prompting everyone to dance along!


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