My Favorite Action Videos on YouTube

As I said before, it’s not a horrendous thing to give your kids screen time. Especially if the videos they watch are educational, or get them moving. Below, you’ll find my top picks for videos on YouTube that do the latter!

Sesame Street: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
I like this video for a number of reasons. The primary of which is that it’s a longer video than most “Head Shoulders” videos, BUT it also breaks up the monotony of the song by varying the speeds, and presents a great challenge, even for older kids!

The Learning Station: Shake Your Sillies Out
With an upbeat, catchy song, and easy to follow movements, “Shake Your Sillies Out” is a great way to get the blood moving, and be super goofy with your little ones!


Bari Koral: The Sun Dance
I absolutely LOVE this little yoga song for kids. It gives them a fun way to stretch their minds and their bodies, and doesn’t ask them to calm down or be anything their not.


The Kids Cartoons: Listen and Move
This is a great one to calm down to, and practice focusing. There are some parts that let kids be energetic and goofy, but there’s an added challenge that they have to listen to the musical cues, and move the way the music indicates.


The Kiboomers: Freeze Dance
No movement song list would be complete without the Party Freeze Game from the Kiboomers. Awesome movements, easy to follow and FUN to dance to, we always have a great time playing! Older kids can get in on the fun and have a challenge, if you tell them to freeze “On one leg” or “In Chair Pose” or some other engaging way!





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