2019 Reading Challenges

Everyone, I’m just pleased as punch to tell you I have every intention of participating in quite a few 2019 reading challenges across the internet. Here is my list of challenges I plan on doing, and I’ll continue to update, so that you can follow along if you’d like!

The List:
AtoZ Reading Challenge

I SPY Reading Challenge

 Library Love Challenge

I’m super excited to participate in these challenges. Let me know in the comments what challenges you’ll be participating in!


The Rory Gilmore Challenge: UPDATED

Earlier on, I posted the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge¬†and said I would update it as I go. WELL, true to form, I did not. I started a VERY time consuming job in July (which I have subsequently taken on a smaller position in,) and had time for NOTHING! But now, I’m back. New Year, New Challenges, New Reviews, New Crafts, New Recipes, New Books, Old Books, BOOKS!
Anyway, here’s the challenge
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Summer Bookstagram Challenge

I am a pro…at procrastination, so I usually start bookstagram challenges, and then completely forget about them about 3 days in. If you’re like me, check out my Weekly Summer Bookstagram challenge! No pressure, little fuss, big fun! don’t forget to #thebookwyrmmama so we can find it!

summer bookstagram

Remember that these are meant to be creatively interpreted! The more inspired you are, the better! Have Fun!