I Am Me Written and Illustrated By Jennifer Francis

Unique: Being the only one of it’s kind. This is what Page 26 of I Am Me tells us. And this book definitely fits that description. An empowering, playful book about all the many things a young girl can be, see how Goober and Mama felt when they read “I Am Me” By Jennifer Francis
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She Persisted By Chelsea Clinton

I live in a feminist household. It is a house where everyone can and does do everything, whether it’s cooking, cleaning, math, technology, no one has a single limitation in this family. Sometimes it’s difficult to raise independent and strong willed kids, but the benefits far out weigh the laundry, broken toys, bruises, and sass when we see our kids growing up to be kind, strong, and stalwart defenders of themselves, and those around them. It is for this reason that we picked up “She Persisted” by Chelsea Clinton last year, and why we still use it as a bed time story this year.
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Book Round Up: 5 Books (Kind of) About Spaghetti!

In honor of our recipe this week, I’ve put together a list of books you can read while eating SPAGHETTI. This list is a great reference for home school curriculums, book parties, themed days at libraries or schools, or just for adding some whimsy to your weekly spaghetti day! (I’m not the only one who has spaghetti day weekly, right?)

spaghetti round upThis post contains affiliate links! Buy books for the kids in your life!
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Reading is Power

Reading takes you away to far away lands. It lets you live the life of another person, in another time. Reading informs you, and educates you. And reading comforts you. When life gets rough (as it so often can) reading can soothe your soul.

During Goober’s surgeries, I read to him. He heard about the boy who lived, and I hoped it would inspire him to do so. He said Goodnight to the moon, the stars, and the little old lady whispering hush. He made mischief with Peter Rabbit, and started a wild rumpus with Max and the Wild Things.

Guppy focuses when she reads. The girl who can’t sit still at school, who climbs every tree in the forest, who cartwheels in the outfield can read the BFG in 2 days flat. She’s memorized every spell in Mal’s Spellbook, and harshly judged her school librarian when there were no books on Alexander Hamilton for her to read.

Reading empowers our household. It unites us, and makes us unique. Guppy loves magic and spells, and it always reminds me of the line from Into the Woods: “Careful the spell you cast, not just on children. Sometimes the spell may last past what you can see…Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell. Children will listen”

This blog is here to streamline that magic. To document our family journey through books, and maybe entertain and lighten hearts along the way.

Hope you enjoy!