Fun Sensory Bins to Go With Your Favorite Books!

It’s no secret that kids LOVE sensory play! While you have some extra time with your child(ren), you can read them book that goes along with some of their favorite sensory activities! here are some of my recommendations for literary sensory play!

Fun Sensory Bins to Go With Your Favorite Books!

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10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids: All Ages

Well, friends, we’re back. Goober is a year older (so am I, but that’s irrelevant) and he’s even more on the move than he’s ever been. Last year, I had the opportunity to take a job as a teacher in a local daycare center. I seized that opportunity and hit the ground running so fast, I kind of forgot to look back at this blog. Now, with the dreaded Covid-19 quarantine looming over us, I feel a lot more prepared than I would had I not started teaching. (I primarily teach in the 4-5 age group, but I frequently visit the younger age groups as well). So straying from our original “Books First” focus, I have prepared a list of some fun things to do if you’re spending a LOT of time home with your kids!

10 Things To Do With Your Kids!
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Making Snow Dough

It’s Winter, and even though it’s a BIT warmer than we’re used to, we’re still getting into the seasonal spirit. After reading “The Snowstorm Surprise” By Richard Scarry, we were itching to play in some snow ourselves! Since Mother Nature wasn’t really cooperating, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and make some 2 ingredient “Snow Dough” to mold and squish.

Snow Dough

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Do Pirates Take Baths By: Kathy Tucker

Today was a themed day in the Bookwyrm Family! We went to Wildwood and took a Pirate Cruise with Dark Star Pirate Cruises! It was a great experience, and we highly recommend it! To go with our Pirate Cruise, we read “Do Pirates Take Baths” by Kathy Tucker. See what Goober and Mama though of it!
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Night-Night, New Jersey by: Katherine Sulley

We’re huge fans of “Goodnight Goon” and “Goodnight Moon” and maybe more than a little obsessed with all things “New Jersey” so this book is absolutely perfect for us! Keep reading to see how much Goober loved “Night-Night, New Jersey”

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Celebrate Paddington Bear

Unfortunately, Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington Bear, died at age 91 recently. In order to celebrate the lives this book and character has touched, we’ve (Guppy and I) have chosen some cool “Paddington Bear” items to remember him by.
This post contains affiliate links, but that doesn’t stop me from loving everything!

celebrating paddington

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