Roundup: Books That Don’t Seem Like Books!

Back in this post, we discussed that a great way to get kids of all ages interested in reading is to introduce them to books that don’t read like books. Reading a chapter book can be SO daunting and sometimes, they may be hard to follow if you’re not really into reading them. This can lead kids to get discouraged quickly, and will likely turn them off from reading just as fast. When Guppy first started reading, she really wasn’t into sitting down for a chapter after chapter saga. Instead, we started to buy her books that had a different, more “journal-esque” format to them, and her interest in reading flourished. She told us it was like the character in the book was passing notes to her, and just telling her about their day, rather than trying to understand a narrative in third person. Here are 5 books that have that “Diary” feel to them, that make reading seem more comfortable, and personal to kids that still aren’t “into” reading.

Diary books
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This post contains affiliate links, but that doesn’t affect my opinion about the books, between Guppy and I, we’ve read and recommend all of them!!
Dork Diaries (Books 1-3, $24.43)

Fourteen-year-old Nikki Maxwell writes in her diary of her struggle to become popular at her fancy new private school, then of finding her place after she gives up on being part of the cool kids. BONUS: The Dork Diaries website has TONS of fun things to do, and tween-centric advice for readers!

51znoqd9rolDiary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 1, $10.55)

At the beginning of a new school year, Greg Heffley finds himself inmiddle school, where undersized weaklings(like him) walk a long side kids who are bigger, louder, and meaner. The hazards of growing up before you’re ready are outlined in Greg’s diary, written in his own words, with his own cartoons.


Mal’s Spellbook ($8.26)

Maleficent’s Spellbook was passed down to Mal when she began her journey to Auradon Prep in the first Descendants movie. Inside you’ll find all of the spells from the movie, PLUS a lot more. BONUS- Since Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay have no regard for the sanctity of books (or other people’s property) they’ve left their own commentary in for you to read! BIGGER BONUS- There’s a second one that reflects the events of the second Descendants movie!

Amelia’s Notebook ($9.40)

On Amelia’s 9th Birthday, her Mom gives her a Notebook to keep a journal in…and news that she’ll be moving to a new home (and a new school) she uses her notebook to cope with all of the big feelings she has during the school year. Amelia’s Notebook was one of my favorite books back when i was in school, and Guppy is just as excited to read them. Plus! There’s now over 30 books in the series, ranging from her 4th to her middle school graduation notebook, plus fun specific adventures as well (babysitting, road trips, etc)


Evie’s Fashion Book ($9.82)

As the resident fashion designer of the villain’s kids from the Isle, Evie has an eye for style, and cutting wit! Evie’s Fashion Book is filled with all of her design sketches, plus style tips, notes, and photos of her and her friends.



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